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Racial and Social Justice Work

St. Matthew's is dedicated to working toward racial and social equity and healing.
We are not perfect but are learning and involving ourselves in becoming better

allies to all peoples who face systemic oppression.

Anti-racism Resources

St. Matthew's is an Evanston Sanctuary Community.

In partnership with St. Andrew's Pentecost Episcopal Church
we are working to address the needs of immigrants and minorities
in order to create a community based on equality, respect, care, and Christian love.


We proclaim

by word and example

the Good News of God

in Christ.

St. Matthew’s is a hearty community of neighbors who band together as fellow travelers on the journey of faith. 

In some ways we’re a diverse bunch. We come together from the immediate neighborhood and from far away (a few families travel 30 minutes or more every Sunday). We’re kids, young adults, parents with infants to great grandparents. 

Our day jobs reflect the wonder of Evanston (where the north side of Chicago meets the North Shore) – we’re professors and social workers, artists and homemakers, scientists and salesmen, lawyers and bankers, journalists and teachers, firemen and marketing professionals, engineers and therapists to name just a few.

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