Ministry Reports


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Minutes from the 142nd Annual Meeting

submitted by James Janssen

The Rev. Charles de Kay welcomed everyone to the meeting at 11:50am and opened with a prayer.
A meal was shared by all. 

The business resumed at 12:28pm with the presentation of the Minutes from the 141st Annual Meeting. The minutes were APPROVED as presented.

The financial report was presented. The 2017 shortfall was less than what had been budgeted with income $51,000 higher than expected. The congregation showed its appreciation for the finance team and the excellent work it does on behalf of the parish. 

Next was a vote on Proposed Resolutions regarding the trusts. All resolutions were APPROVED as presented. (below following minutes)

A presentation of the budget for 2018 was given. The budget is conservative. The finance team believes the finances for 2018 will be better than budgeted. It was reported that income is no longer being drawn monthly from trust dollars. 

Fr. de Kay thanked the hospitality team for the meal and the congregation showed its appreciation with a big round of applause.

A representative from various groups and/or individuals then gave short presentations of the work their groups are doing or told of their personal experience at St. Matthew’s . These included the following:

  • St. Andrew’s Pentecost/St. Matthew’s partnership

  • 2018 Gala (to be held on September 29)

  • A newcomer’s experience

  • Evanston Chamber Opera

  • Book Club

  • Interfaith Action of Evanston and Vision Keepers

  • Vacation Bible Camp

  • Community Night

  • Vestry


Fr. de Kay thanked the members of the vestry whose terms were ending: Jeff Haden, Ginny Voedisch, and Todd Paul.

The congregation ELECTED the following Delegates and Alternates to Diocesan Convention:

  • Delegates: Sally Craige Christensen, Sandi McPhee, Terri Morrissey

  • Alternates: Damon Doucet, Allison Zidek, Francis Lynch

The congregation ELECTED the following slate of officers and vestry:

  •  Junior Warden: Tim Patenode

  • Vestry (3-year terms): Monique Austin, Susan Cherco, Dave Turner

  • Trustee (1-year term): Mary Clark

The following officers were appointed to the following positions:

  • Treasurer: Dustin Vincent

  • Clerk (1-year term): Jenny Woodring (appointed)


With business concluded, Fr. de Kay thanked all for coming and adjourned the meeting.



    These Resolutions of the Rectors, Churchwardens and Vestrymen of St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Evanston, an Illinois religious corporation (“Church”) made this 28th day of January 2018.

    WHEREAS, there is a certain trust established for the benefit of the congregation of the Church pursuant to Trust Amendment and Restatement dated January 11, 1972 and settled by the Church (“Trust I”);
    WHEREAS, the principal of Trust I is currently invested in investment funds managed by Northern Trust and secures a loan from Northern Trust to the Church in the approximate amount of $142,973,which bears interest (“Loan”);
    WHEREAS, Northern Trust charges the Church a fee for managing Trust I;
    WHEREAS, the rate of return on the Northern Trust investment funds is variable based on market conditions;
    WHEREAS, in 2017 the Church made a substantial commitment to the retention of new personnel to advance and expand the mission of the Church;
    WHEREAS, under the terms of Trust I, use of principal requires majority affirmative votes of the congregation at three consecutive annual meetings of the Church; 
    WHEREAS, a first majority affirmative vote occurred at the annual meeting on January 31, 2016 generally authorizing use of Trust I principal;
    WHEREAS, a second majority affirmative vote occurred at the annual meeting on January 22, 2017, which authorized the withdrawal of principal: (i) to repay the Loan; (ii) to re-invest it in another appropriate cost effective investment fund; and (iii) to allow, by two 2/3d super majority votes of the vestry, at regular monthly vestry meetings sixty days apart during the period from February 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019, the withdrawal of unlimited principal for the purpose of depositing same in the operating accounts of the Church; and 
    WHEREAS, the vestry and the trustees of the Trust have determined (i) that the Northern Trust may be a cost effective investment fund under the current circumstances; and (ii) that the 2018 and 2019 needs of the Church are better defined.
    THEREFORE, the Church has, at its annual meeting on January 28, 2018, put to a vote each of the following three resolutions and has passed or rejected each of three as recorded by the clerk of the vestry as noted below:

  1. That following the passing of this resolution on January 28, 2018, the Church should immediately repay the Loan from Trust I principal. PASSED

  2. That following the passing of this resolution on January 28, 2018, the Trustees of the Trust may, at their discretion, during the calendar years 2018 or 2019, while reasonably minimizing the transactional costs to do so, draw the principal of Trust I from investment funds at Northern Trust and re-invest the principal in an appropriate cost effective investment fund. PASSED

  3. That following the passing of this resolution on January 28, 2018, the Trustees of Trust I shall: (i) make a draw from the principal of Trust I for the purpose of covering the 2017 deficit in the operations of the Church and cause such draw to be immediately deposited in the operating account of the Church; and (ii) upon 2/3ds super majority affirmative votes of the Church’s vestry at two monthly meetings of the vestry held sixty days apart, during the period from February 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019, shall make one or more draws from the principal of Trust I not to exceed $130,000 in the aggregate amount for the purpose of covering actual or anticipated deficits in the operations of the Church for 2018 and 2019 and to cause such draws to be immediately deposited in the operating account of the Church. PASSED


    This Resolution of the Rectors, Churchwardens and Vestrymen of St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Evanston, an Illinois religious corporation (“Church”) made this 28th day of January 2018.
    WHEREAS, there is a certain trust established for the benefit of the congregation of the Church pursuant to Trust Amendment and Restatement dated January 11, 1972 and settled by the Church (“Trust I”);
    WHEREAS, under the terms of Trust I, use of principal requires majority affirmative votes of the congregation at three consecutive annual meetings of the Church; 
    WHEREAS, the Church has pursuant to certain resolutions passed in 2016, 2017 and 2018 authorized a partial use of the principal of the Trust to repay a certain loan made to the Church and to fund actual and potential operating deficits; 
    WHEREAS, the vestry of the Church wish to restructure the Trust and the finances of the Church so as to create an endowment and provide for the long-term financial stability of the Church; 
    WHEREAS, to that end, the vestry intends to settle a new Trust to be called Trust III.
    THEREFORE, the Church has, at its annual meeting on January 28, 2018, put to a vote the following resolution and has passed or rejected it as recorded by the clerk of the vestry as noted below:

  1. That following the passing of this resolution on January 28, 2018, and the passing of similar resolutions during each of the annual meetings of 2019 and 2020, the Trustees of the Trust I shall withdraw the entire principal of Trust I and deposit it in Trust III. PASSED                                                                                                                       


submitted by Bob Purse

This has been both a challenging and a rewarding year with the acolyte team. In the last three years, we have gone from 22 acolytes down to 15, then to 13, and now to 11. Compare this with the early part of this decade, when there were nearly three dozen acolytes on the team. 


This has presented a challenge to scheduling, as I have had to list as few as three acolytes each week, in order to prevent scheduling kids more than once a month (a full team for a Sunday would be six). I don’t want anyone to feel over-obligated, and there are multiple demands in the lives of many, if not all, of the acolytes. However, the rewards are many, as well: those still on the team have truly stepped up, and everyone has volunteered at least once a month, in many cases more often than that - there are two acolytes who serve twice a month, every month, and another who comes in every three weeks. There are also people on the team who frequently volunteer for additional weeks, simply showing up prior to the service. Yes, the current team is quite dedicated, energetic, responsible, eager, and – it’s always worth saying – fun. In 2017, we expanded the team to include adults as well as children, and this has proven to be a very positive development, as well. 

I am especially grateful for the able assistance of my daughter Molly. She is usually my right hand person in training and in running the acolyte program on Sunday mornings. I am ever thankful that she remains dedicated to the program, especially in that she recently moved out of our home, and lives a further 30 minutes away from the church than I do (my trip to St. Matthew's being 30 minutes from home).


This coming fall will mark 50 years since I first became an acolyte at St. Matthew's (at age nine), and I have been the primary person training acolytes for more than 35 years. I mention this to put weight behind something I have said this each year, but which is worth saying again: I have found Charlie to be by far the most involved and supportive Rector with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work. And working in partnership with Kevin - as I have more closely over the past two years - has been an ideal relationship, as well. 

We are always open for more acolytes, not only those in school (fourth grade an up), but adults as well. 

Altar Bread Ministry

submitted by Kristin Jacobson & Deborah Williams

“The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened.”

—Matthew 13:33


The bread for the two Sunday Eucharists and occasional additional services is prepared at home by a member of the altar bread ministry. Bread bakers are fortunate to participate in a ministry that both promotes individual spirituality and provides an essential element of the Eucharist. Stirring yeast and flour together and kneading the dough gives us time to slow down and reflect. Bringing the baked bread to the service allows us to provide a tangible symbol of the kingdom of heaven and Jesus’ role in nourishing us and helping us grow spiritually.


The team of bakers for the 10:30 am Sunday Eucharist includes Cate and Mary Bruner, Edie Hertel, Kristin Jacobsen, Katie Kelly, Kara Smith, Melissa Warden, and Deborah Williams. Rick and Julie Worden bake the bread for the 8 am Eucharist.


Our goal for 2019 is to offer demonstrations of bread baking in order to raise awareness and to invite parishioners to consider whether baking altar bread would be a fulfilling ministry for them. It is a good ministry for busy people because you can bake when you have time and put the bread in the freezer at the church before the service.

Altar Guild

submitted by Kristin Jacobsen

The Altar Guild sets the holy table for the Eucharist and takes care of the linens, vessels, candles, and vestments that are used in church services. It is an ancient ministry that has always been important in the Episcopal Church. We have a group representing 319 hundred years of service to the church through Altar Guild (including two emeritus members with 51 years each), and we are truly fortunate to have the benefit of their collective wisdom. See below for a list of members and their years of service.


As many Altar Guild terms and tasks are a little mysterious to the congregation, we hope in the coming year to help parishioners understand a bit more what it’s all about. Kristin Jacobsen, Altar Guild director for 2019, led a session of Episcopal Bingo at the January 17, 2019 community night as the first of these efforts. In addition, we hope to attract not just women but also men and young people to contribute to readying the altar for our weekly celebration of Jesus.


Highlights of 2018 include:

  • Kristin recorded interviews with altar guild members who have 20 years or more of service, in order to preserve some of the history of this ministry at St. Matthew’s and to start thinking what how we might preserve our core mission but adjust to meet changing times.

  • Thank you to Frances Cothran, who donated money to replace the linens at Presbyterian Homes, where she recently moved. Frances became an emeritus member along with Maurine Bohne, who also lives at Presbyterian Homes.

  • In the spirit of reusing and recycling, the Altar Guild began offering candles for parishioners to take home. These candles are too short to be used in church but work well in the home. Look at the back of the church for the box of used candles, as well as sanctuary candles in glass containers. Feel free to take them home.

  • Kristin and Facilities Manager Damian Barta began investigating problems with the piscinas in the main church and chapel sacristies. Piscinas are used to carry blessed wine into the ground rather than the sewer system. Thank you to Damian for his dedication in working on the problem.


Thank you to outgoing director Carol Cornyn for stepping up and helping lead during 2017 and 2018. Thanks also to Kate Lauderbaugh for agreeing to serve in 2019 as director in training.

50+ years
Maurine Bohne
Frances Cothran

31-40 years
Connie Conley
Kathy Riley

21-30 years
Susan Taylor
Susan Rundle
Mary Clark

11-20 years
Janet Eder
Corky Siegfriedt

6-10 years
Kati Olsen
Susan Cherco
Carol Cornyn
Jennie Woodring

1-5 years
Kate Lauderbaugh
Roberta Buchanan
Sarah Muyres
Allison Zidek
Susan Turner
Kristin Jacobsen
Yolanda Schwartz
Deborah Williams
Judy Royal (beach church sub.)

Book Group

submitted by The Rev. Charlie de Kay

Building on interest from previous years, readers gathered in January to discuss Pastorix by Nadia Bolz-Weber at Charlie’s home, and Crazy Christians by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in July at Cynthia and Damon’s home.  The conversations followed social time over a catered meal at a small cost to participants.  Charlie hopes to bring the group back together in 2019 to discuss a good book over a great meal.

Christmas Child

submitted by Kati Olsen

Each year, The Cradle coordinates a holiday gift drive for families served by their Birthparent Services program.   Individuals and organizations provide each child with gifts and warm clothing to families which have qualified to be in need of assistance.    There were a total of 156 children served by this year’s Holiday Gift Drive.

Once again, the parishioners of St. Matthew’s demonstrated your caring generosity by providing gifts of toys and warm clothing for 35 children.  The time and love you all put into shopping for specific items on the children’s wish lists never ceases to impress us.  Thank you so much.

In addition, St. Matthew’s parishioners donated $875 to the cause.  As it turns out, there were families who reached out for assistance late in the season and a few sponsors who withdrew their support, so your monetary gifts were very important to the program.

Thank you to Susan Turner and Mary Clark for their assistance this year, and to everyone who participated in this joyful ministry.   

From the first contact with Becky Kimball at the Cradle in October to the delivery of the gifts by Susan Rundle and Kati Olsen on December 5th, it was made clear how important and appreciated St. Matthew’s ministry of giving is to The Cradle’s Holiday Gift Program.  

Coffee Crew

submitted by Jennie Woodring

The Coffee ministry helps to make St. Matthew’s a welcoming congregation by providing a time for fellowship after each Sunday service. Crew members prepare coffee, tea, and treats in the parlor after the 8:00 service, and at the back of the sanctuary (or outdoors in agreeable weather) after the 10:30 service.  Thanks go to the dedicated crew members who each take responsibility week by week to provide this ministry of fellowship. We are especially eager to welcome new members; please contact Jennie Woodring to find out how you can be part of the team.

Formation Committee

submitted by Kevin Goodman

Most of the formation opportunities for St. Matthew’s are created by the Formation Task Force, which I convene, and made up of Melissa Dakich, Kristin Jacobsen, Christina Padilla, and Joanne Wilson. We meet on the third Tuesdays of the month to create and facilitate monthly educational opportunities.


Sunday Workshops for Children and Families is a special gathering time on Sunday morning. Faith formation is foundational for children and families. But life is busy, often overwhelming, and time to study and grow in faith is often difficult to prioritize. Some of us are working parents, others single-parents, many are from the area and a few of us travel a great distance to get here. We have discovered that it is difficult to find time to set aside time for nurturing and developing a relationship with God and with God’s people. Four times a year, St. Matthew’s offers workshops designed for children, families, friends and caregivers to learn the story of God together. The four workshops, four sessions each, reflect upon stories from the Hebrew Scriptures, the Gospels and the New Testament. Stories from the Old Testament begin our series followed by the miraculous events leading up to the birth of Jesus. Then we turn our attention to Jesus’s life followed by the resurrection stories that call on us to be the hearts and hands of Christ in the world. Our Sunday Workshops are designed for children and parents to learn the story of God together. Our first workshop series, offered in October, looked at Creation, the Patriarch Abraham, the story of the Ten Commandments and the courage of Queen Esther. Our second workshop series invited children and adults to create together the 2018 Christmas Pageant. 


Inquirer’s U(charist)! is a newly created, formation offering consisting of six-sessions of instructed Eucharist for inquirers of all ages. We worship. We discuss. We learn. We step into the context of the Episcopal worship tradition that binds us together across time and space. Each worship session focuses on one of the liturgical elements that make up our worship experience. Through presentation, interaction and “stop-and-go” contemplative inquiry, we are invited to apply new lenses to our prayer practices and sacramental celebrations. We learn about the parts of our service (called the "rota"), find our place within salvation history, and embrace new prayer practices to fully enter into communal prayer experiences. These instructional eucharists are designed to deepen the faith of our worshipping community. Topics during our inaugural year included:

  1. Circle of Holy Eucharist - an informative overview of the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Table.

  2. Collect Writing - What is a collect? How do we write one? Why do we pray them? The session concluded with teams writing collects for Christmas and Advent.

  3. Liturgy of the Word - together we examined the Sunday and Daily Lectionary.

  4. The Nicene Creed - through historical inquiry, we discovered why we say what we say in this ancient profession of faith.

  5. Prayers of the People - this upcoming workshop will look at the Prayers of the People.

  6. The Eucharistic Prayer and Salvation History - this upcoming workshop will understand the parts and what is happening throughout the Eucharistic Prayer.

Vacation Bible Camp gathers at the beginning of August. Last year’s camp theme was “Becoming a Person of Peace.” Twenty-four volunteers hosted 21 campers. We worshipped, sang, studies, ate and made stuff! A delightful time was had by all. Next year’s camp is August 5 - 9. We will study the scripture hoping to gain Christian understanding and treatment of our neighbors, what God has to say about this and how we are supposed to take care and welcome them.


Community Night gathers on the third Thursday of the month for food and fellowship. This community building event starts with a light supper then moves into an educational program. So far, we have had three incredible presentations and I look forward to the remaining ones for this program year.

  • Self defense - Chris Dakich presented an informative session on taking care of one’s self on the city streets.

  • Advent Wreath Making - Our community gathered to prepare wreaths in order to celebrate the spirit of the season.

  • Episcopal Bingo - Kristin Jacobson created an engaging game to teach the people of St. Matthew’s about the ministry of the altar guild.

  • A Disney Monastic - Next month I have been asked to talk about my spiritual guide to Walt Disney World.

  • Lent Stations of the Cross - Our congregation is invited to create liturgical art and prayer for Lent and for a Good Friday service.

  • Mother's Day planting - The Green Team invites us to take care of the Earth and to honor our mothers.


Confirm not Conform (CnC) is our partnership formation program with St. Mark’s. Young pilgrims gather monthly to discern whether or not they wished to be confirmed in the faith. It is a two-year journey of study, fellowship, service and prayer. Each participant journals, reads and converses with mentors to discover how experiences inform who we are as people of God. Moving through the program this year is Matthew Davies with mentor Joanne Wilson, Mary de Kay with mentor Catharine Hamrick, Jason McDermott with mentor Damon Doucet, and Xander Senechal with mentor Eric Westhaus.


Education for Ministry (EfM) is a theological study course at a distance administered by the School of Theology, the University of the South at Sewanee. Through study, prayer, worship and reflection, EfM seminar groups journey together through scripture, church history and theology. Years One & Two study the Hebrew Scriptures, the Gospels and the New Testament. Year Three looks at Church History. Year Four reads about systematic theology to develop and enhance their own. During a weekly seminar, the group does 5 things: 1) Check-in - how has the group encountered and responded to God since out last seminar, 2)Worship - participants lead worship, 3) Reflect theologically (TR) - after agreeing upon a shared focus, the group examines tradition and culture, paired with experiences and beliefs, 4) Study coursework - participants discuss insights and implications of assigned readings, 5) Hospitality - the group spends time in fellowship. Kevin mentors this four-year study program on Wednesday nights. The group includes parishioners from St. Matthew’s, Grace in the Loop, St. Martin’s Des Plaines, and St. James Cathedral.


Other formation opportunities not under the direction of the Formation Task Force include Charlie’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study and Don Scott’s Sunday Morning Bible Study.

Green Team

submitted by Christina Padilla

The St. Matthew’s Green Team continues a small but mighty force for a more sustainable world here in our community. 2018 was our “Year of Climate Advocacy,” in which we petitioned our elected officials about climate policy, invited The Climate Reality Project to present at Community Night about what’s happening to our world and how we can change it, hosted a screening of the documentary “Tapped” about the impact of bottled water on the environment, and continued our efforts to make St. Matthew’s church a zero-waste facility through our composting initiatives.


The Green Team has claimed 2019 as “The Year of Living with Less Plastic.” We started strong with a screening of the humorous and informative documentary “Bag It!,” which balanced the sobering realities of how reliant we have become on a substance that causes so much harm to ourselves and our environment with simple, practical ways to reduce our use of disposable plastics in our everyday lives. We are selling organic cotton mesh produce bags to anyone who is interested in taking a small step toward reducing their own plastic consumption. We also continue to offer recycling of fluorescent light bulbs and ink cartridges, as well as the opportunity to compost at church. Please see a Green Team member for details! And don’t forget that we welcome anyone at our meetings, which take place the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Gallery/Library. Come to check us out!


Green Team = Christina Padilla, Anne Branning, Roberta Buchanan, Mary Jo Deysach, Ann Searles, Anne Viner, Deborah Williams, Jennie Woodring, and You?

Home Communion Ministry

Submitted by Terri Morrissey

Each Sunday toward the end of our service, Home Communion Ministers are “sent forth” to bring the Eucharist to the homebound and extend the celebration of the gathered congregation. The commissioning of Home Communion Ministers each Sunday – “Go forth with these holy gifts, so that those to whom you go may share with us in Christ’s body and blood.” reminds us that “We who are many are one Body, because we all share One Bread, One Cup.” During their visits, Home Communion Ministers follow an abbreviated order of service, which includes prayers, scripture readings from the Sunday service, and the distribution of the Eucharist. Whether for the short term or over the course of several years, it is a blessing and a privilege to be invited into the lives of our homebound parishioners.


The Home Communion Team at St. Matthew’s in 2018 included: Susan Cherco, Catharine Hamrick, Karen MacKay, Terri Morrissey, Steve Steiber, Janie Stevens, Susan Turner, Melissa Warden, Penny Whiteside, and Dorothy Wyandt. Many thanks to Susan Cherco, who coordinated the weekly Home Communion assignments in my time away from St. Matthew’s. 


If you would like further information about this ministry or would be willing to serve as a Home Communion Minister, please contact Charlie de Kay or Terri Morrissey. If you know someone who would like to receive a Home Communion visit, please contact Charlie de Kay, Terri Morrissey or call the church office.


submitted by Dorothy Wyandt

This very loose knit group of people willingly take on the task of preparing, serving and tidying up after some parish functions which last year included the St. Nicholas Brunch, the Annual Meeting Lunch and Maundy Thursday supper. This group also hosts receptions following funeral services at St. Matthew’s.  People are notified of upcoming events and volunteer as they are able. I’d love to have more names on my contact list—men as well as women. We have a pretty good time in the kitchen.

The Long-Range Sustainability Task Force

submitted by The Rev. Charlie de Kay

The LRFSTF met regularly during the second quarter of the year. Its mission to develop a plan to help St. Matthew’s become fully self-sustaining financially. The expectation is that the church will not use funds from the endowment trusts after 2020, except in extraordinary circumstances. The church has a long history (more than 50 years?) of continual draws against the trust. Our work reflected on the different ways the church generates income (Sunday morning collections, pledge campaign, fundraising, building use support, planned giving, capital campaigns, and so forth). The team developed and implemented a brief survey to seek parishioner’s guidance on how to structure a new trust that would replace the existing trusts. A separate conversation with a church development expert led the team to re-focus in the short term on developing an effective stewardship campaign, as this is fundamental and primary for achieving self-sufficiency. The team will begin meeting again in February to begin to consider and develop the full mechanics of a new trust proposal; considering questions such as: how is it funded? What is its purpose? What may it be used for? With whom will it be invested?  Who will oversee it? How can it be accessed? What kinds of restrictions will be in place?

Movie Group

submitted by Ann Searles

The St. Matthew’s movie group has met monthly in 2018. Meetings usually have been held in the evenings at 7:30 pm at member homes.  Light refreshments are served and the host or another designated person has led the discussions.  We most often discuss current movies but sometimes study older films.   The movie choice is the host’s. Some discussions have been centered on the technical aspects of the films or the acting performances while others have related the film’s messages to our own lives in today’s world.  All have been enjoyable.  


Some of the 2018 films we discussed were Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, RBG, Forgiving Dr. Mengele, and A Star is Born, with some being Oscar or Golden Globe nominees and some just interesting movies!  There are no requirements to participate but it is necessary for attendees to see the film before the meeting.  Notices appear in the St. Matthew’s communications and all are welcome to attend. For many of us the Movie Group has been an easy, enjoyable fellowship activity which has given us an opportunity to become better acquainted with church members and spouses whom we might not have otherwise known. Average attendance is around 15 adults.


The movie group plans to continue in its current format for the year 2019.  New faces are always welcome to participate in this very enjoyable activity.

Prayer Group

submitted by Nancy Trimble

The St. Matthew’s Prayer Group continues to meet, as it has since for more than 60 years, and our membership now consists of Penny Whiteside, Eliza Winkler and Nancy Trimble, only two of whom are members of St. Matthews.

We regard our work as a ministry, having been admonished in scripture to pray for one another. Our liturgy includes the names sent to us as well as those named in the Prayers of the People each Sunday, and each name is read thoughtfully.  Our liturgy is followed by a brown bag lunch and a social time.

A membership of only three is worrisome and any suggestion for increasing our membership would be most welcomed.  We encourage new members to join us and look forward to hearing from you.

St. Andrew's Pentecost / St. Matthew's Partnership

submitted by Cynthia Doucet

In 2019 we plan to continue and expand the work of the St. Andrew's Pentecost/St. Matthew's partnership that is working together to make a positive difference in the world. The members of the leadership team that is guiding this partnership decided that issues relating to immigration and refugees would be our primary concern as we build our fellowship. The group wanted to first study and learn as much as possible and then consider making a joint response.  We attended local information sessions and also made contact with Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM). We presented a survivor at a shared Lenten supper in March 2018 and have been working with EMM in planning a conference on the subject. 


Current efforts include a collection of 2019 wall calendars for use by RefugeeOne; a postcard campaign to stand together against enlarging a refugee incarceration facility in Illinois; and team members have connected several local immigrant families with needed items such as an infant seat for a newborn baby girl.  Watch for an information table at an upcoming Sunday coffee hour, and more opportunities to provide for RefugeeOne, such as the March kitchen item drive. 


Parishioners of both churches have expressed interest in supporting these vital efforts, and we have opportunities for volunteers to help with events such as the May 17-18 conference, as well as leaders to steward the next phase of this partnership and mission.  We feel blessed to get to know and learn from friends in our two parishes, and we're also planning to spearhead at least one fun community event for everyone at both St. Andrew's Pentecost and St. Matthews to join together in (cooking? quilting? singing? learning? just enjoying everyone's company? ideas are always appreciated!).


We look forward to this continued fellowship.  For more information please contact any of the team members (Marta Humphreys, Edna Ross, Victoria Thompson, Dr. Chux Nwabuko, Craige Chistensen, Cynthia Doucet,  Bobby McSweeney, Ann Searles, Corky Siegfriedt, Ginny Voedisch)

Stephen Ministry

submitted by Terri Morrisey and Steven Steiber

Stephen Ministry at St. Matthew’s, now in its sixth year, is a way for our congregation to provide confidential, high quality, ongoing one-on-one care to people experiencing difficult times in life.


Stephen Ministers care for individuals experiencing grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, hospitalization, and many other crises. Stephen Ministers are congregation members who have gone through 50 hours of training to provide Christ-centered care to people in time of need.


In response to discussions within the Spiritual Life Committee, Pastoral Care Committee and the Crossroads conversations, the Vestry approved funding to begin Stephen Ministry at St. Matthew’s in 2013. The initial leadership training began in June 2013, when Charlie de Kay and Terri Morrissey took part in Stephen Ministry Leadership Training in Orlando, Florida. After our return, we launched Stephen Ministry at St. Matthew’s by providing the congregation with information about Stephen Ministry, recruiting and interviewing potential Stephen Ministers.


In October 2013, Terri began training six individuals for Stephen Ministry at St. Matthew’s. Thank you to Susan Cherco, Connie Conley, Carol Cornyn, Steve Steiber, Janie Stevens and Penny Whiteside for making the commitment to this ministry and to Charlie de Kay for supporting our vision. We completed our initial training on Saturday, February 1, 2014 during a mini-retreat and Eucharist. Following the initial 50 hours of training and their Commissioning, Stephen Ministers have been participating in Caregiving Relationships, a Peer Supervision Group and ongoing Continuing Education.


Our Stephen Ministry has continued to grow! In August, 2015, Steve Steiber took part in a subsequent Leadership Training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a leadership team, we trained four new Stephen Ministers in 2016. With the commissioning of Betsy Baer, Karen LaBranche, Sarah Muyres in 2017, we continue to grow this lay ministry at St. Matthew’s and in the community beyond our walls.

Stichers' Group

submitted by Ginger Carr

The Stitchers’ Group is a social group open to anyone who does needlecrafts of any kind – knitting, crocheting, embroidering, or just plain mending that needs doing.   We gather about once a month on an irregular schedule to socialize, share stitching tips, and enjoy light snacks.  There are about 20 members and about 6 to 10 of us come to any given gathering,  determined by members’ availabilities.  We have embraced St. Matthew’s relationship with St. Andrew’s Pentecost by inviting their members to our gatherings.​


For more information contact Ginger Carr or Jennie Woodring.

Worship Team

submitted by The Rev. Charle de Kay

Late in 2017 Charlie called together the Worship Team, which met in December, and February through June of 2018.  Using an appreciative inquiry approach, the team considered what is best about our worship and how might we work to strengthen the elements that we love.  We considered what range of flexibility was available to us, as an Episcopal church.  We focused primarily on the 10:30 Sunday service during the program year, although our conversation provided guidance for liturgy and music for both the program year early service and the summer Sunday services.  A congregational survey was created, but has yet to be released.  After a couple of meetings, the team settled into working on building up one particular service.  Pentecost was selected, and the team had a lot of energy around brainstorming, considering possibilities, and developing a plan.  The final product – the Pentecost service – was a joyful, full-bodied service that offered everyone a chance to participate. Charlie plans to recall the Team in February.


Adele S. Book
Lillian E. Bruner
Doris L. Cowell
Berlin J. Doucet
Helen Brooks Druva
Brian Arthur Finnegan
Carl Hansen
Anna Cay Hawes
William E. Hertel
Kathryn F. Klaiber
Elise Lerman
Stephen Packard
Laurinda Manuela Teixeira Padilla
Betty Reedy
Sam Schiltz
Miriam Schmidt
Frances Jackman Tenison

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