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Work on the Hartrey Entrance has started!

The work on the stairs and landings at the Hartrey entrance has begun in earnest as five workmen on the Buss Custom Concrete crew worked hard on Thursday July 19th!

The concrete pad that was sinking down at the base of the stairs was demolished.

In place of the old pad that was sinking, there will be an added stair and a new pad supported by three concrete footings.

The railings were removed.

Looking north toward the moat-old railings are gone

The framing for the new concrete pour was begun.

Framing on the moat side. The bald head belongs to Jake Buss, our concrete contractor.

The framing continues on the sides and for the stairs.

Stair framing. The metal rebar for the landing and stairs will strengthen the concrete.

The framing was completed and warning barriers were set up.

The stair edging that will be placed into the concrete were given a coating of protective tape.

The protective tape will protect the stair edging from getting full of concrete during the installation. Following the hardening of and finish work on the concrete, the protective tape will be removed.

And warning signs were put up inside the church building.

These doors will be closed off until the outside railings are completed.

There will be an inspection of the concrete set-up on Tuesday July 24th and we hope for the concrete to be poured on Wednesday, July 25th.

Once the concrete has been finished and hardened, the railing contractors will come out to measure. We will then be waiting for the railings to be fabricated and put into place, which could be about three weeks after the measurement.

Please offer up your thoughts and prayers for the mother of Jake Buss, as she is facing a serious illness.

Submitted by Damian Barta, Facilities Manager

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