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Wednesday Lunch Program Moving back toward "normal."

Good Afternoon!

Today the St. Mark's/St. Matthew's Wednesday lunch ministry served 41 lunches to 41 individuals. Lunch was 37 Gyros Lunches ordered from Hub's, supplemented by Smoked Turkey sandwich lunches with chips prepared in the St. Mark's kitchen. All lunches were packed with bottled water and a cookie. Our guests were also offered bananas, clementines, baby carrots, hard-boiled eggs, baked goods from Bennison's, ice cream, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. This week marked our return to indoor seating! All of our tables are actually two eight-foot-long tables attached in the middle by a hinge for vertical folding/storage. We set up four double-width double tables with 6 chairs, one single-width double table with 3 chairs, and offered extra seating in the pews that line the window walls of the room. Every other pew was taped off, and windows were open over the taped-off pews on both sides of the room for ventilation. Paper placemats were used along with chairs, all spaced to allow approximately 5-6' between guests. Guests were instructed to leave their masks on until they ate, to remain socially distant, and to bring their trash/compost to the appropriate receptacle. Everything went beautifully! Not everyone chose to stay to eat, but those who did were respectful and seemed to be enjoying their meals. Everyone who stayed ate and left in a timely fashion. None of the latecomers questioned the fact that they had arrived too late to be able to sit and eat. (Our policies/protocols are on a placard on each table and also mentioned upon entry into Cunningham Hall.) All in all, we are very happy with our first meal served indoors in a very, very long time. Best regards to you all, Kati Olsen

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