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Vestry minutes - September 2018

Minutes of September 17, 2018 Vestry Meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Kevin Goodman; Chris Motogawa, Tim Patenode, Dustin Vincent, Cynthia Doucet, , Susan Cherco, Ann Searles, Corky Siegfriedt, Joanne Wilson, Jennie Woodring

Absent:, Monique Austin, Jim Kelly, Gary LaBranche, Dave Turner

The meeting began at 7:32 pm with a reflection from Charlie

The August 20 vestry minutes were approved.

Stewardship Campaign – Mary Clark

Stewardship campaign brochures were distributed

The campaign target is $400,000 and 100% participation with a goal to reach out to all of St. Matthew’s congregation to encourage engagement and sense of belonging.

The campaign will launch on Sunday, October 7 with calls to those who have not yet pledged. Mary invited all vestry to take part in a call-o-thon. Chris Motogawa offered to make calls.

Space Use - Ballet School – Tim Patenode

The family of Lilette Rohe (former owner of School of Ballet) plan to hold a fundraiser (not, as formerly requested, a memorial), and have requested to use the ballet space. Tim stated St. Matthew’s position: that no fundraiser would take place in ballet space (currently occupied) without consent of the current occupant. Kevin will contact the family to reiterate that this decision still stands.

Gala – Tim Patenode

Tim asked for vestry to assist in the following ways:

1) pledge before the gala (many vestry members brought completed pledge cards to the meeting)

2) bring bottles of alcohol to the gala for bar service

3) donate bottles of wine for silent auction wine baskets

4 help with cleanup immediately following the gala

Coming Events

Sept 22 - Fran Tennison’s memorial and internment Memorial –it was reported that all was in order, with Dorothy Wyandt (reception) and Kati Olsen (in contact with family) taking leadership roles. Charlie stated that ushers would be needed.

Sept 23 - Block Party - Kevin and Charlie

Cleanup and setup help will be needed.


Sunday – one service (10:30)

Chairs will be ready early to set up outside

Bouncy house and golf course arrive 8:30 am – pickup 2:30-3:00

Event ends 2:00

Sept 30 – Ministry Fair and Recruitment Eucharist

Ministry Fair - outside if possible – between services 9:00-10:15

Each ministry will be provided table space, a sign, and a signup sheet. Each ministry should provide someone to staff the table if possible.

The bulletin will be annotated to describe ministries’ involvement with each step of the service.

Associate Rector’s report - Kevin

A handout of the formation schedule for the year was distributed.

The schedule was developed by the formation team – Kevin, Melissa Dakich, Kristin Jacobsen, Christina Padilla, Joanne Wilson – in response to resources and needs of the congregation. The interactive worship service will be discontinued.

The schedule for the year includes:

-Inquirers Eucharist, approx.. 6x/yr, 10:30am -11:45am – for all ages

-Workshops for Children and Families, 4 series of 4 Sundays each, 9:30 am

-Confirm not Conform in conjunction with St. Mark’s, monthly on Sundays

-Community nights – 6x/yr, Thursday evenings

Don Scott will continue his Sunday morning Bible classes at 9:30 most Sundays.

It was noted that marketing will be critical to the program. Vacation Bible Camp families are included in notices regarding formation.

Rector’s report – Charlie

Charlie distributed a letter from Christopher Griffin, Vicar, St. Martin’s Church, Chicago inviting St. Matthew’s choir and others to participate in their 140th anniversary celebration the weekend of November 3.

Charlie thanked the vestry for his sabbatical weeks away, and talked about his travels to Ireland and elsewhere, during which he focused on relationships.

Executive Session – a brief executive session was held.

The meeting concluded at 9:02.

Next meeting will be October 15, 2018.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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