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Vestry minutes - October, 2019

Minutes of October 21, 2019 Vestry Meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Tim Patenode, Cynthia Doucet, Susan Cherco, Connie Conley, Kristin Jacobsen, Bob Purse, Ann Searles, Corky Siegfriedt, Dave Turner, Allison Zidek, Jennie Woodring, Dustin Vincent, treasurer

Absent: Monique Austin

The meeting began at 7:34 pm with Charlie leading a reflection.

The September vestry minutes were APPROVED as corrected: Corky Siegfriedt’s name was misspelled; Susan Cherco and Ann Searles had been omitted from those hosting cottage meetings.

Personnel – Tim and Charlie

Concerning the recent departure of our assistant rector, Kevin Goodman, there was discussion about how St. Matthew’s might rehire or restructure. While the personnel committee, Charlie, and wardens may meet to formulate guidelines for posting open positions, this determination will not be made until after cottage meetings and subsequent evaluations, in order to determine the best course of action. The parish could employ some or all of the following, varying in full- or part-time appointments: parish administrator, building overseer, handyman, bookkeeper, assistant rector.

Julie Hinz’s hours as parish administrator have increased (currently 28/wk), which has enabled her to take on more responsibilities. The possibility of hiring her full time was discussed.

It was suggested that the wardens present Charlie with a personnel budget, and allow him to allocate the funds among personnel as deemed appropriate.

It was acknowledged that Damian Barta had been an exceptional asset to St. Matthew’s, with his expertise, skills, and willingness to work part time, and likely not to be replicated.

Ann and Corky will investigate what other churches do regarding building maintenance; the possibility of sharing a building supervisor with another church was suggested.

Mutual Ministry Review – Susan

Susan reminded the vestry to complete the MMR survey before the end of the month. She will tabulate results; Susan and Ann will schedule a meeting to discuss the tabulated results. After clergy, wardens, and vestry have completed their respective sections of the MMR, they will meet with Andrea Mysen, diocesan associate for ministries, who will facilitate a evaluative discussion with Charlie, wardens, and two vestry representatives.

Canoeing the Mountains cottage meetings

Tim asked vestry to encourage members of the congregation to attend a meeting. Kristin will send out lists of meeting signups to hosts.

Vestry goals – Charlie

Charlie distributed a handout reminding vestry of goals set in 2017

Coffee House – Tim

There will be an open mic coffee house in the assembly room Saturday, November 23, open to the public.

Floor remediation - Tim

Bill Siegfriedt obtained an $8000 estimate for labor and materials for the ballet room floor – far higher than the $4000-$6000 approved by vestry at a previous meeting. Bill will investigate logistics for DIY installation, perhaps with help from the ballet school.

Rector’s report – Charlie

Charlie distributed a calendar of coming events, and a handout from Ginny Voedisch, showing her proposal for donation of a candle stand in memory of her father and the Strand family. Discussion followed, with vestry generally agreeing with the idea in principle, but with reservations about the logistics. No decision was made.

Building room rental was briefly discussed, including the possibility of Jack Lerman offering art classes in the building.

The stewardship campaign is underway. There will be a modest effort to incorporate stewardship in conjunction with cottage meetings. Charlie asked that any relevant concerns discussed at cottage meetings be brought to his attention.

Charlie offered his thanks to Tim and all who worked on the gala.

Terri Morrissey’s interview for her deaconate candidacy will be in December.

There was discussion about demands on Charlie’s time with the absence of an assistant rector. Charlie suggested that formation help is needed, since Kevin had taken on much of that responsibility; Kristin and Genevieve Costello are new formation team members.

Convention – No alternates are needed at the moment; all of our delegates are able to attend. Charlie clarified that non-delegates may attend convention, but will need to register as a guest and pay their own way.

Executive Session – a brief executive session was held.

The meeting concluded at 9:16.

Next meeting will be November 18, 2019.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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