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Vestry minutes - November, 2019

Minutes of November 17, 2019 Vestry Meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Tim Patenode, Cynthia Doucet, Monique Austin, Susan Cherco, Connie Conley, Kristin Jacobsen, Bob Purse, Corky Siegfriedt, Allison Zidek (by phone), Jennie Woodring, Dustin Vincent, treasurer

Absent: Ann Searles

The meeting began at 7:31 pm with Charlie leading a reflection.

The October vestry minutes were APPROVED

Trusts - Trustees Don Churchill, Mary Clark, Karen MacKay

Trustees distributed a draft of a proposal for establishing St. Matthew’s Trust III, the primary purpose of which is to extend the work of the parish. The content was discussed and changes were suggested. 

A revised document will be reviewed by Sandi McPhee. Vestry will vote to approve the final version at the December vestry meeting. The proposal will be sent to members of the congregation by mail early in January, and it will be included in documents at the parish-wide financial information meeting to be held January 19.

The proposal will be put to a vote at the annual meeting on January 26, scheduled for before the new vestry and wardens are approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Dustin

A handout of a draft of the 2020 budget was provided. This balanced budget does not include possible choir payment increases nor an associate rector; it does include a part- time handyman, and full-time parish administrator.

With thanks to Jeff Haden, Dustin presented the results of an internal audit of 2018 finances. A vote to approve the report will be taken at the December vestry meeting. The audit committee consisted of a team of nine parishioners. The team concluded that “the financial books and records of St. Matthew’s Church for 2018, and the information presented at the parish annual meeting correctly reflect the parish’s financial status in all material respects.”

Personnel – Monique

Handyman - The committee will work with the building and grounds committee to hire a part-time handyman. There are leads on two possible candidates.

Parish administrator – benefits of increasing Julie Hinz’s hours to full time were discussed, including the addition of bookkeeping duties. 

APPROVED – Charlie will offer a full-time position to Julie, to begin December 1.

Mutual Ministry Review – Susan

Vestry responses to MMR questions have been mostly compiled (waiting for one respondent), and the compilation will be sent out to all vestry. Susan and Ann Searles will serve as vestry representatives at the MMR meeting.

Canoeing the Mountains cottage meetings - Kristin

Tim, Cynthia, Kristin and Charlie met to discuss how to organize for sharing with the congregation the 50 pages of notes recorded during cottage meetings. A summary is to be prepared by the end of December.

Rector’s report – Charlie

Stewardship pledge in-gathering will be November 24. Charlie asked for assistance calling some members of the congregation; Tim offered to help.

The Christmas pageant, spearheaded by the formation team (Christina Padilla, Melissa Dakich, Kristin Jacobsen, Joanne Wilson), will be written and performed by a multi-generation group over the coming weeks. Jackson Hamrick will take a leadership role in organizing the writing process.

The possibility of providing an end-of-year bonus to paid choir members was discussed. Vestry will further discuss and vote at the December vestry meeting.

Executive Session – a brief executive session was held.

The meeting concluded at 9:32.

Next meeting will be December 16, 2019.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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