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Vestry minutes - May 2020

Minutes of May 18, 2020 Vestry Meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Cynthia Doucet, Kristin Jacobsen, Penelope Boardman, Susan Cherco, Connie Conley, Bob Purse, Steve Steiber, Melissa Warden, Allison Zidek, Jennie Woodring (clerk), Julie Hinz, Corky Siegfriedt

Absent: Monique Austin, Dave Turner

The meeting was held via WebEx.


Charlie opened the meeting by leading the group in prayer.

APPROVED – Vestry approved the April Vestry minutes with minor changes.


Parishioner Birthday greetings - Corky Siegfriedt, Julie Hinz

Corky and Julie presented an idea to send birthday cards to parishioners. Julie has designed cards and will print them. Penelope offered to pick up cards monthly and send them out, and Corky suggested a committee to share the responsibility. Julie can provide a list of people for whom St. Matthew’s is missing birthdays, and someone can contact them.

Aging Well in Evanston – Charlie and Susan

Charlie announced that Susan Cherco received the 2020 Aging Well Award from the City of Evanston. Susan discussed her role as the chair for six years of Evanston’s Age-friendly task force. Congratulations to Susan!

Healthy Congregations (Peter L. Steinke) Chapter 2 - Charlie

Charlie introduced the Ten Principles of Health and Disease, which compare congregations to living organisms. Discussion followed.

Rector's report – Charlie

Charlie shared guidelines from the diocese for re-entering our church buildings as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed. Church guidelines align with state guidelines. The guidelines promote safety, calm, self and collective efficacy, connectedness, and hope, with safety the number one priority. While we have the option to be in the building with groups of ten or fewer (5 or fewer more desired) beginning in June, we will need to present a plan to the Diocese and receive approval before holding services in the building.

There was discussion about whether to livestream from church (FB live) beginning in June, or wait until we can all be back in the building together. We wouldn’t have music if we broadcast from church. Everyone in the church building will need to wear a mask, including Charlie. Zoom has been good for building and keeping community, and has the advantage over Facebook Live of everyone being able to see each other, and of having music. Steve suggested he could investigate options beyond Zoom and Facebook. There was speculation on ways to incorporate beach church. It was observed that this could be a time of growth for St. Matthew’s.

Vestry decided we should continue as we have been, using Zoom for worship, with further discussion at the next vestry meeting.

Vestry goals process

Penelope offered to shepherd the process via email. One or two priorities will be decided by vestry via email. Penelope shared a list of possible goals:

*Make a decision about the use of Trust II in 2nd Q 2020

*Communicate the decision deliberately and thoughtfully to the congregation.

*Set early schedule and plan for stewardship beginning 3rd Q 2020

*Music program review—present

*Consider outreach and virtual worship alternatives for near future—present and summer

*Assign Vestry liaisons to various committees—present.

Parish Business

Finance update – Allison

Allison provided a handout with financials information. Pledges and contribution levels are OK. Chris Motogawa is working on a financials update to be disseminated to the congregation following vestry review.

St. Matthew’s received a Payroll Protection Plan loan for just over $61,000. The government just released guidelines Friday for administering and accounting for spending. If there are surplus funds, vestry will be able to decide whether to keep the money as a loan, or return it.

A brief executive session was held.

The meeting ended at 9:14.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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