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Vestry Minutes March 2018

Minutes of March 19, 2018 Vestry Meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Kevin Goodman; Chris Motogawa, Tim Patenode, Susan Cherco, Jim Kelly, Gary LaBranche, Ann Searles, Corky Siegfriedt, Dustin Vincent, Jennie Woodring

Absent: Monique Austin, Cynthia Doucet, Joanne Wilson,

The meeting began 7:30 with a reflection from Charlie.

The February 18 vestry minutes were approved.

Charlie presented a 10-minute video by the New Poor People’s Campaign, whose mission is summarized in the Higher Ground Moral Declaration (HGMD, distributed at the last vestry meeting and briefly discussed here). Charlie asked for comments/expressions of interest in pursuing some involvement in the movement. Comments from several members indicated a reluctance to lose focus on our current goals. It was suggested that the HGMD could be used as a touchpoint for discussion during the vestry retreat, and that much of our current work (e.g., Green Team, immigrant rights via our relationship with St. Andrew’s Pentecost) is already related to the goals of the Campaign.

Chris offered an update of the long range planning task force (see attached). A major focus is to determine appropriate accessibility of the new Trust – not too difficult nor too easy to make withdrawals from. Their next meeting is March 26.

Financial report is included in the attached documents.

Jim discussed progress of the Worship Team (see attached). A survey will be distributed to Worship Team members and vestry, with the intent of obtaining a quick turnaround in results (before the next vestry meeting). Vestry should talk to others, in order to include broad representation of opinions.

Rector’s Report was presented by Charlie – please see attached, with some details following here:

Vestry Retreat, April 27-28 will be at Techny Towers. Charlie and Kevin continue to search for a facilitator for the meeting.

Pastoral concerns were discussed; Susan Cherco and Kevin Goodman provided additional details.

Combined services with St. Andrew’s Pentecost. Charlie asked whether vestry members favored increasing the number from two to four annually. The response was positive.

Bobby McSweeney created the publicity flyer from Maudlyne Ihejirika’s February community night presentation.

Associate Rector’s Report was presented by Kevin.

St. Matthew’s is sponsoring the Race Against Hate, which costs $2500, and allows us to have St. Matthew’s name on the race shirts, a booth, and other publicity, including the opportunity to promote vacation Bible camp, “Discovering God’s Ways of Peace.” Plans are underway to hold our church service at/near the race site.

Vacation Bible camp is expected to attract more participants this year; a push will be made to recruit more volunteers.

Charlie read a thank you note to St. Matthew’s clergy and vestry from Mary Jo Deysach on behalf of the Evanston Chamber Opera company, who presented “For Those in Peril” in February.

Coming dates:

Next vestry meeting – April 16

See the Rector’s report for other significant dates

Executive Session: discussion during the executive session time included a request to make the funeral/wedding document available on the website and a question about who uses (and pays for use of ) our building.

The meeting concluded at 9:10 pm.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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