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Vestry minutes - June 2020

Minutes of June 15, 2020 Vestry Meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Cynthia Doucet, Kristin Jacobsen, Monique Austin, Penelope Boardman, Susan Cherco, Connie Conley, Bob Purse, Dave Turner, Melissa Warden, Allison Zidek, Jennie Woodring

Absent: Steve Steiber The meeting was held via WebEx.


Charlie opened the meeting by leading the group in prayer.

APPROVED – Vestry approved the May Vestry minutes.


Canoeing the Mountains update – Melissa

The CtM team, with good representation from vestry and others in the congregation (including newer members) met eleven times. They studied the cottage meeting minutes to determine our strengths, and how can we build on them. The CtM team narrowed down potential mission statements from over 50 to 4 (see below), and will meet once more to determine the statement to be presented to the congregation. Vestry members each expressed support for the statements they felt most relevant for St. Matthew’s.

The four statements:

Building a joyful community to serve our complicated world

Come to worship, stay for fellowship, go forth in service

Welcoming all in community, joyfully doing God's work in the world

Welcoming all for worship, service and celebration

2020 Vestry goals – Penelope

Vestry previously brainstormed ideas about what this year’s vestry goals should be. Penelope suggested determination of Trust II strategy as a goal. The Trust is largely comprised of a bequest from Fran Tennison; there are no restrictions from the family on how the funds should be used. Trust II Funds will be held until vestry decides what to do with the funds.

Discussion touched on the need to honor Fran Tennison and to further God’s mission in the world. Suggested uses included a rainy day fund for building emergencies and/or funding targeted to building improvements such as kitchen spaces or spaces usable by other groups which will provide an income stream. The importance of dedicating something to Fran Tennison and not using the funds for small, insignificant, or transient expenses was noted.

Penelope will spearhead the effort to determine acceptable uses for the funds, with Monique’s, Susan’s, and Connie’s help.

Rector's report – Charlie

-There will be no in-person Vacation Bible Camp due to COVID-19 considerations. Charlie, Kristin, and the rest of the team (Joanne Wilson, Tim Patenode, Julie Hinz) are developing ways to offer a modified VBC, including possibilities of offering projects for families through our little library. Projects might be returned to church to form a large artwork, or families could take work home to keep. St Luke’s is still willing to participate with VBC.

-The Planned Giving team is working to develop a brochure and launch a planned giving campaign. Trust III’s designation for mission can give people a purpose for planned giving.

-If the COVID-19 phases in Illinois progress as scheduled, Charlie plans to conduct a wedding at St.Matthew’s in July. COVID-19 physical distancing and other restrictions will be observed.

-Return to the church building

Charlie is gathering a team to meet for the first time this week to discuss St. Matthew’s policy.

Facemasks, frequent handwashing, regular thorough sanitizing after each service will be required for return to church. Currently, under Phase 3, 10 or fewer people (5 preferred by bishop) are allowed at an in-person service; no live singing.

In Phase 4, groups of 50 with facemasks will be allowed. If we were to have beach church, we would need to have RSVPs for services to avoid exceeding the limit. In-building options include continuing online Sunday services, with mid-week services in person for fewer people.

We will continue online services for the foreseeable future while in the pandemic, and perhaps beyond, while we slowly move back to the church. Online services are filling a previously unfilled need.

Overview of Mission of service pilot - Kristin

What can we as a church do to make a positive impact in these times of injustice, unrest, fear and uncertainty? Kristin would like others to join her to put this in front of the congregation and live into standing up for racial justice. She welcomes suggestions and support. Kristin will spearhead and will publicize to the congregation. It was suggested we could publish thoughts of our children/younger generation. This is meant to be a long term project.

Parish Business

Building manager – Charlie

Jorge Lopez, our new building manager, has been doing a great job, and has been maintaining the building and making updates and repairs as needed.

Sound system update - Kristin

An anonymous donor will fund a live-streaming system, which will include a camera in the sanctuary and other equipment. A computer will be needed. Installation will begin soon. Our outdated internal sound system continues to need improvement (about $25K). A donation of a computer or iPad to use with the system is requested.

Finance update - Allison

Chris Motogawa is preparing May financials, which Allison will distribute when they are ready.

The Paycheck Protection Program loan was extended to 24 weeks (from 8) and the percentage required to be spent for personnel was lowered from 75% to 60%, which will allow us to take fuller advantage of the grant. Monthly contributions have been adequate. St. Matthew’s has committed to paying paid choir members through May.

A brief executive session was held.

The meeting ended at 9:16.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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