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Vestry Minutes June 2018

Minutes of June 18, 2018 Vestry Meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Kevin Goodman; Chris Motogawa, Tim Patenode, Susan Cherco, Jim Kelly, Gary LaBranche, Ann Searles, Corky Siegfriedt, Dave Turner, Dustin Vincent, Joanne Wilson, Jennie Woodring

Absent: Monique Austin, Cynthia Doucet

The meeting began at 7:35 with a reflection from Charlie.

The May 21st vestry minutes were approved.

It was agreed that vestry minutes should be made available to the congregation. Jennie will

send past minutes to Kevin for posting on the website; moving forward, minutes will be

posted monthly.

Susan Cherco suggested that we make the congregation aware that vestry meetings are

open to all at St. Matthew’s; Charlie has made announcements in the past, with no at-large

attendance at vestry meetings.

Making St. Matthew’s a welcome parish – discussion was continued from last month’s


Suggestions were made to continue our social events, for vestry to be sure to greet those

they don’t know during the passing of the peace, and for ushers to be encouraged to be

more cognizant of visitors, and to extend a welcome to them. Our new use of signage (e.g.,

at the corner of Lincoln and Hartrey) was held up as positive accomplishment.

Extended discussion centered around our relationship to building users:

Past contact initiated by St. Matthew’s most often focused on something that was wrong,

and Georgia (office staff) was the face of St. Matthew’s, but has been gone for some time. In

order to develop a positive relationship with building users, vestry members will take on

liaison positions for each of the building users.

In order to facilitate this plan, it was agreed that by next vestry meeting

*Chris will draw up a list of building users (with amount of donation to St.


*Jim will draft a list of talking points

These materials will be used by vestry members to contact building users and to open a

discussion with them, as part of our goal to be a more welcoming community.

Kevin noted that building users can be identified by accessing Realm. He offers training to

anyone interested; all St Matthew’s members have access to Realm.

Bishop’s visit

Jeffrey Lee will be present at confirmation for St. Mark’s and St. Matthew’s at Lighthouse

Beach Saturday, June 23 at 11:00 am for his annual parish visit, which will include a

meeting with vestry. All are encouraged to attend. Kevin, Joanne, Tim, Jim, and Susan said

they would be present.

Policies and Schedule for Capital Projects

A working group (Tim, Dustin, Susan) will draft a policy for receiving and prioritizing

requests for capital improvements, to be integrated into the budgeting/fundraising


It was noted that requests need a champion who can come to vestry with a well-vetted


Current requests include a new sound system and streaming capabilities (ballpark estimate

$15,000 each), and refurbishing of the organ pipes.

Hartrey stairs project

Susan distributed a handout on behalf of Don Cherco and Damian Barta.

Phase I (replacement of I beam under stairs) - completed

Phase II (Five inch concrete overlay) – to be done early July

Phase III (railings) – to be completed by August

Total cost $15,575.93, with in-kind contributions from contractors to further reduce

the cost to St. Matthew’s.

Confirmation program

Contrary to discussion from last vestry meeting, St. Matthew’s will continue to partner with

St. Mark’s this fall. Kevin will lead, and is looking for four co-leaders. St.Matthew’s has up to

five potential confirmands.

Race Against Hate recap

Mass on the Grass was attended by about 40 people, mostly St. Matthew’s parishioners,

with many others noticing and appreciating our presence. The promotional materials were

professionally produced and made an impact as part of the bags supplied to 5000 race

entrants. Draws to the tent included donated Great Harvest bread (and treats from others)

and a cutout of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

It was agreed that next year, similar unique features should be included at the tent (e.g., a

cooling mister). It was noted that we should communicate this excitement about the event

to the congregation.

Also noted – many older parishioners felt excluded from the single Sunday service at the

Race due to accessibility issues. There was consensus among the vestry that an additional

weekend service (e.g., Saturday evening prayer) should be offered.

Vacation Bible Camp and Training – Kevin and Joanne

Kevin is bringing in a professional musician to train camp music leaders

The team is ahead of last year’s schedule.

Seventeen children are already registered (credit to the Race promotional materials);

fifteen adults are committed. Kevin would like to have several more adults.

Rector’s report – Charlie A handout was provided.

Highlights not already discussed include:

*Sabbatical - Charlie will take leave after Sunday, July 29, returning Monday, Sept 17.

*Appalachia Service Project – more than a dozen members of St. Matthew’s are


*beach church begins June 24 – Maeve Shampine, Kristin Jacobsen’s daughter, will serve as

beach concierge

*Charlie shared pastoral concerns

*summer office hours – T-Th, 8:00-4:00, with Charlie available Mondays, and Kevin on


Assistant Rector’s report – Kevin

*Julie Hinz, serving as interim parish administrator, has been hired to a regular (no longer

interim) position. More than 60 applicants applied for the position.

*Formation committee had a very positive interactive worship and debriefing meeting.

Long Term Financial Support – Ann Searles

Survey have gone out – no other updates

Stewardship/Gala – Tim Patenode

Tim will host a meeting of gala committee volunteers in the coming week.

Finance – Dustin

*The checking account has approximately $50,000 (much better position than last year).

*Through March, pledges are down, but total revenue is up. Expenses are as expected. Total

deficit is lower than expected.

*The finance team will share audit results at coming vestry meetings.

St Mark’s –St Andrew’s Pentecost Partnership Team – Ann and Corky

A visit to the Holocaust Museum was well attended. The committee has been in touch with

Episcopal Migration Ministries and will investigate next steps.

*Kevin suggested adding a Partnership page to our website.

*Jim offered to write up content provided by the committee on an ongoing basis.

Executive Session – a brief executive session was held.

The meeting concluded at 9:10. Next meeting will be July 16, 2018.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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