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Vestry Minutes July 2018

Present: Charlie de Kay, Kevin Goodman; Monique Austin, Cynthia Doucet, Tim Patenode, Susan Cherco, Ann Searles, Corky Siegfriedt, Dustin Vincent, Jennie Woodring

Absent: Jim Kelly, Gary LaBranche, Chris Motogawa, Dave Turner, Joanne Wilson

The meeting began at 7:30 with a reflection from Charlie.

The June 18 vestry minutes were approved.

Audit report – Jeff Haden, Dustin Vincent

Results of the recent self-audit were reported. A handout was included.


The audit team consisted of Steve Carr, Mary Clark, Jeff Haden, Henry Latimer, Chris Motogawa, Dustin Vincent, Rick Worden, and Allison Zidek, who gave several hours on two consecutive Saturdays to conduct the audit.

Recommendations for improvements in the areas of operating fund disbursement, rector’s discretionary fund, payroll, and receipts were included in the report. This is the 4th year in a row that St. Matthew’s has conducted an audit, which will be sent to the diocese.

The report was unanimously accepted by a vestry vote.

RESOLVED – That the vestry thank and offer its appreciation to the committee for their top-notch professional work. (Proposed by Tim Patenode)

Implementation of Intentionally Welcoming Community

Building users: At last month’s meeting, it was agreed that a list of building users would be drawn up (Chris) and a list of talking points to reach out to building users (Jim) would be created. With Chris and Jim absent, this was not discussed further.

It was noted that while working with outside building users is important, we must also take care of in-house needs.

Volunteers/ministries: Kevin and Charlie noted that the volunteer base is thin and experiencing fatigue, especially for coffee hour and ushers. Suggested for further exploration at a later meeting was whether some ministries might be combined and/or that vestry members take an active role in these ministries.

Stewardship Campaign – Mary Clark

Jeff Wilson was not present, but will co-chair

The focus will be on participation and not solely monetary contributions in order to involve more people. Goals for total pledge dollars and growth in the number of pledging units will be set.

The stewardship campaign will launch at the October 5 gala. Mary asked vestry members to make early pledges, with a plan to display pledging goals and progress toward the goal at the gala.

It was noted that pledges should be sufficient to support budget expenditures, but the budget is not currently so balanced.

There was some discussion around capital campaigns (statistically no negative effects on stewardship), planned giving, gala underwriting fatigue, and their relationships to increasing church funds.

Charlie asked the vestry to start thinking about pledging early, requesting 100% participation in early pledging by the vestry, and for all vestry members to assist with the stewardship campaign.

Monique Austin, Mary Clark and Jeff Haden left the meeting at 8:40.

Capital needs assessment

The need for an assessment of capital needs, especially with relation to outside building users was discussed. It was noted that a committee should be formed to assess needs of church and outside users’ needs. There was discussion about whether we should ask users/potential users what they need as far as building amenities, or whether we should make improvements to the building and then advertise for outside building users. It was questioned whether this assessment might be a Building and Grounds function.

Currently, Mental Health and the ballet studio have dedicated space in the building. Are we ready to give up further dedicated spaces for outside users, or do we want to secure more users like Wiggleworms, which uses the Assembly room (a shared space)?

Ginny Voedich and Corky Siegfriedt have been involved with City of Evanston’s art and sacred spaces group, and may be able to reach out through those connections. Tim will talk with Chris and Ginny before this issue is pursued further.

It was suggested that the vestry take a building tour, as some members aren’t familiar with the upstairs spaces.

Updates and reports

Staff - Damian Barta will retire in the spring – possible May, though no firm date has been set.

Confirm not Conform confirmation will proceed this year with St. Mark’s. St. Matthew’s currently has 2 committed youth, with 3 others possible.

Rector’s report – a handout was distributed.

Highlights discussed:

Worship team – team members are committed to continuing in the fall, with plans for another special service like Pentecost this past year.

Race against Hate – total cost was $3800. Kevin will send summary information about the followup survey in an eblast.

Pride parade – a group from St. Matthew’s marched; Bishop Lee has committed to marching next year.

Families Belong Together – Charlie and many others from the faith community participated in a rally protesting immigration policies.

St. Andrew’s Pentecost partnership team – Cynthia Doucet and Corky Siegfriedt

The group is investigating participation in a workshop Love God, Love Neighbor, and will ask the vestry for support. The team plans to keep the core group small, but will involve others in planned activities, which may include letter writing/advocacy, education and collection of items for families in need.

St Matthew’s Day, Sept 23 – it was decided that St. Andrew’s Pentecost will be invited to the picnic/celebration.

Ministry Fair – a ministry fair will be held on a separate Sunday, likely Sept 30, between services.

Night under the Stars – the annual event in the Motogawa’s back yard has been cancelled for this summer, due to the inability to secure a band.

Executive Session – a brief executive session was held.

The meeting concluded at 9:22.

Next meeting will be August 20, 2018.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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