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Vestry minutes - January 2020

Minutes of January 20, 2020 meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Tim Patenode, Cynthia Doucet, Susan Cherco, Kristin Jacobsen, Bob Purse, Ann Searles, Corky Siegfriedt, Dave Turner, Allison Zidek, Dustin Vincent (treasurer), Jennie Woodring (clerk)

Absent: Monique Austin, Connie Conley

The meeting began at 7:33 pm with Charlie leading a reflection.

The December vestry minutes were APPROVED with minor corrections

Cynthia handed out a vestry overview calendar for the coming year, including scheduled vestry meetings, and the retreat February 22.

Budget and Pledges for 2020 – Dustin

A handout of the budget was distributed.

Dustin summarized the finance presentation meeting for the congregation, held after the 10:30 service on January 19. The tentative budget was presented by the finance team, and the proposal for Trust III was presented by the trustees (Don Churchill, Mary Clark, Karen MacKay).

With minor changes since yesterday, the budget as proposed at this vestry meeting included a $36K deficit.

Noted were the absence of funding for Race Against Hate and Wednesday Lunch, and only $10K for our diocesan pledge (recommended is $70K). After further discussion, it was agreed that budgeted expenditures should be increased by $12K as follows: Race Against Hate - $4K; Outreach - $3K; ballet floor remediation - $5K, for a total deficit of $48K.

Diocesan pledge remained at $10K, though some argued a good faith small increase would be desirable.

It was noted that the future vestry would need to balance the budget by decreasing expenses if anticipated pledges/income don’t materialize. It was suggested that those with spending responsibilities (e.g., altar guild) be given more guidance about working within their budget.

APPROVED – A motion to approve the preliminary budget with $48K deficit, subject to consideration and ratification by the new vestry was passed.

Trust III – Dustin mentioned that a separate checking account could be set up for the portion of the trust to be allocated for spending each year.

Twenty expected pledges have not yet been received. Charlie handed out a list of names of potential pledgers, and asked for assistance in calling them. There was general agreement that the rector should not be put in the position of making stewardship calls. Kristin and Cynthia agreed to contact the 20 people.

Canoeing the Mountains

A committee (Charlie, Cynthia, Kristin, Corky, Ann; hoping Melissa Warden and other interested members of the congregation will join) will be formed to continue work on adaptive change as discussed in the book Canoeing the Mountains and in related cottage meetings.

Sound System

An anonymous donor will pay for Phase I of the sound system discussed in earlier meetings. (approx.. $11K). Tim will discuss options with Bill McCrory, who has expertise.

Annual Meeting Planning

An agenda for the meeting was distributed. Highlights discussed:

Trust III proposal will be introduced for a vote; James and Mark will be recognized for 15 years’ service at St. Matthew’s; new vestry and officers will be elected.

Little Library – Charlie

Penelope Boardman wishes to donate an outdoor little library to St. Matthew’s.

APPROVED – Vestry will accept the donation, with intent to install, likely on Lincoln Street. Kristin and Penelope will maintain the library.

Coffee House

The Coffee House in January was well attended; future similar events are being planned. It was noted that BYOB alcohol is OK, but will not be featured in any coffee house promotion.

Rector’s Report – Charlie

Many of Charlie’s sermons are on the St. Matthew’s website blog.

Charlie encouraged attendance for Thursday community nights, 6:30-8:00.

The Deanery retreat is open to all – February 29, 9:00-3:00; Charlie will send out an Eventbrite signup.

Charlie is taking a more active role with the formation team.

Charlie offered a brief farewell to departing warden and vestry - Tim, Ann and Corky.

Executive Session – a brief executive session was held.

The meeting concluded at 10:04.

Next meeting will be February 17, 2019. [Note that subsequent to this meeting, the Feb. 17 meeting was cancelled due to the close proximity of the vestry retreat on Feb 22.]

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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