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Vestry Minutes February 2018

Minutes of February 19, 2018 Vestry Meeting

Present: Charlie de Kay, Kevin Goodman; Chris Motogawa, Tim Patenode, Susan Cherco, Cynthia Doucet, Corky Siegfriedt, Joanne Wilson, Jennie Woodring

Absent: Dustin Vincent, Monique Austin, Jim Kelly, Gary LaBranche, Ann Searles,

The meeting began 7:30 with a reflection from Charlie.

The January 16 vestry minutes were approved.

Low attendance was noted; in future, Chris will send reminders the week before meetings.

Chris noted the financial report for January; please see attached.

Chris led discussion about goals for 2018; last year’s vestry retreat goals and the goals from the mutual ministry review (MMR) were used as guidelines.

Goals: Rectors, Wardens and Vestry affirmed goals from MMR (see also January minutes) additions/comments are included below.

From MMR goals

Rectors: 1) obtain ten new pledges, 2) gather suggestions for survey of vestry and workship team, 3) worship team

Worship team is well underway and has met twice; their next meeting is March 11. Please see also Charlie’s rector’s report for more detail.

Wardens: 1) release three big communications to the greater community, 2) find a mission visible to the community, 3) install better signage.

Mission was discussed at length. It is to be a major focus of the April vestry retreat.

The need for a new sign at Hartrey/Lincoln corner was discussed – we need an updated sign with better visibility, especially for auto traffic.

Vestry: 1) recruit more volunteers to ministry teams 2) provide six communications per year to congregation about what is happening.

Parochial Report was presented by Charlie and approved by the vestry. This annual report (see attached) is a summary of finances and membership/attendance and ministry statistics, and will be sent to the diocese.

Rector’s Report was presented by Charlie – please see attached, with some details following here:

Interfaith Action recognized Visionkeepers Dorothy Wyandt and Kati Olsen at their annual dinner. In a minor correction to the rector’s report, St. Matthew’s filled a table of 12.

Solidarity with Immigrants, Refugees and Dreamers: Charlie suggested, and the vestry approved, a move for St. Matthew’s to be a Sponsor of Solidarity with Immigrants, Refugees and Dreamers on Sunday, March 11, 4:30-6:00 at St. Nick’s, Evanston. Our commitment is to affirm the spirit of welcome and advocacy and to encourage the congregation to participate. Charlie will report our intent to the organizers.

Vestry Retreat, April 27-28 will be at Techny Towers. The group agreed that St. Mary’s Mission House was the better option for lodging (over the main building) and that a productive, working meeting should be the focus. It was acknowledged that time for reflection and spiritual development should also be included.

Charlie and Kevin will secure a facilitator for the event, which will focus on St. Matthew’s mission.

Higher Ground Moral Declaration (see attached) was presented as recommended reading for the vestry.

Pastoral concerns were discussed; Susan Cherco and Kevin Goodman provided additional details.

Associate Rector’s Report was presented by Kevin, who reported on the status of the 2nd floor rehab, and offered thanks to Damian Barta for his work, and to Todd Paul for donating a large screen TV. The west side will be used for classroom space and the east side is available for use/”rental” by outside groups.

Coming dates:

Charlie’s sabbatical (7 of 14 weeks, to be used July 30 Sept 17, with the remainder to be used in 2019.)

Vacation Bible Camp: August 6-10

Gala: September 29 (tentative until space is confirmed).

Executive Session: a brief Executive Session was held.

The meeting concluded at 9:30 pm.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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