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Vestry minutes - August, 2018

August 17, 2018

Present: Kevin Goodman; Chris Motogawa,Tim Patenode, Dustin Vincent, Monique Austin, Cynthia Doucet, Jim Kelly, Susan Cherco, Ann Searles, Corky Siegfriedt, Joanne Wilson, Jennie Woodring

Absent: Charlie de Kay, Gary LaBranche, Dave Turner

The meeting began at 7:30 with a reflection from Kevin.

The July 16 vestry minutes were approved. Dissemination of vestry minutes was clarified; upon being approved, Jennie will post them on St. Matthew’s website blog.

Finance report –Dustin Vincent

A handout was distributed. Highlights discussed:

*Dustin offered thanks to Chris Motogawa and Allison Zydek, who have been doing bookkeeping in the absence of a paid bookkeeper. The team has been tracking contributions of regular givers who do not pledge (and who would otherwise be omitted from budget calculations.

*building use donations are greater than what was budgeted

*personnel has been underspent – mostly from having no bookkeeper at present

*communication budget is overspent – mostly from Race Against Hate and the accompanying brochure. It was noted this was a good investment.

Moved: to authorize the withdrawal from Trust I of up to $50,000 to pay for expenses not covered by available funds. (moved – Tim Patenode; seconded – Monique Austin) The move passed unanimously.

Note: At the January annual meeting, the congregation authorized the withdrawal of up to $160,000. Withdrawal of funds requires a 2/3 majority of vestry members in favor, at two votes held 60 days apart. The above vote was the first of two votes. The intent of the vestry is to delay withdrawal until very late in the year, with hopes of minimizing the amount of withdrawn funds (estimated $20K-$25K)

Space Use

Space request – The Evanston Chamber Opera Company (Francis Lynch) has asked St. Matthew’s for the use of space beginning September/October for auditions, rehearsals, and performance for an opera to be performed March 17th weekend.

Moved: to allow EChO to use designated space at St. Matthew’s, with the understanding that EChO would work with Julie and others at St. Matthew’s to assure their use doesn’t conflict with other users of the building. It was also agreed that tickets to the opera would be requested as a donation to the October Gala. The move passed unanimously.

The upstairs space formerly known as the mold room has been rehabilitated and is ready for occupancy. The intent will be to offer the entire east side of the building (with considerations for the spaces currently occupied by Mental Health and the music office) for occupancy by either long term or short term tenants (single use might be offered for $75). The west side of the second floor will remain for the use of St. Matthew’s.

Kevin proposed the merits of a media room equipped with a projector, etc., for meetings.

A Building Use group is needed to oversee space use.

Kevin noted that the family of the late Lilette Rohe (died August, 2017), the former owner of Lilette Rohe School of Ballet (in St. Matthew’s) requested use of the ballet space for a second memorial and fundraiser. The vestry agreed to offer the family the use of the public sanctuary for a memorial as for any non-parishioner request, but not the private studio space, which is currently used by another ballet studio.

Stewardship Campaign – Mary Clark

The campaign target is $400,000. A rough estimate of 80 pledging units suggests an average pledge of $5,000. Last year, there were 58 pledging units; a 10% increase for each, plus new pledging units, could meet this goal.

By the gala, Mary hopes that 30% of the target will be pledged, supported by early pledging (by September 17) by vestry and other church leaders.

The campaign will directly contact each member of St. Matthew’s. Contact materials will be available to the vestry members who will take part in the campaign.

Pledge envelopes were discussed. There is a small but dedicated envelope-using subset of the congregation; envelopes will continue to be offered until there is no longer demand.

Updates and reports

Associate Rector’s report – a handout was distributed. Highlights discussed:

*Confirm not Conformthe program begins this fall, with four youth from St. Matthew’s and six from St. Mark’s.

*Vacation Bible Camp – Sixteen children attended; Kevin received many positive comments.

Discussion included desire to:

*incorporate Green Team involvement next year

* keep the 3-4 age group, even though they require more hands-on effort

* share the experience with the congregation and others, perhaps via a promo video

Executive Session – a brief executive session was held.

The meeting concluded at 9:01.

Next meeting will be September 17, 2018.

Submitted by Jennie Woodring

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