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Vestry Minutes: April 18, 2022


St. Matthew’s Vestry Meeting

April 18, 2022, 7 p.m.

The meeting was held via Zoom.

Present: Penelope Boardman, Charlie de Kay, Damon Ducet, Curt Nilsson, Molly Purse, Bill Siegfriedt, Steve Steiber, Melissa Warden, Deborah Williams, Penny Whiteside



Charlie read from a service of evening worship that included Matthew’s description of the risen Christ appearing to the two Marys and the strategies embarked upon by the authorities upon hearing the news of Jesus’ resurrection.


The minutes of the March 17, 2022, meeting were approved with one correction.


Accessibility Options Update

Damon Ducet outlined a two-part effort to meet accessibility challenges:

Phase one: Curb cut, deal with double-door access to sanctuary and adding a lift to access main floor and main-floor bathrooms

Phase two: Restrooms access to parish hall and lower-level bathrooms

Damon has made some initial contacts to contractors and is still waiting for responses. He will be meeting soon with an architect to get his/her thoughts on renovating the restrooms.

Penny Whiteside requested that grab bars be installed in the bathroom stalls as a temporary fix prior to a total renovation.

Vestry Goals

Melissa Warden reminded attendees that every year the vestry, wardens and rector come up with SMART goals for the year. An example being Melissa and Damon’s commitment to keeping vestry meetings on time and providing materials in advance of meetings. Their other goal was to help the rest of the vestry to make their own goals in support of the church’s new mission statement.

Explanation of the following main goals was provided, and questions and comments followed. Then, vestry members identified their first-choice goals as follows.

1. RefugeeOne and St. Andrew’s Pentecost Partnership: Welcoming a Refugee Family

Ongoing effort that’s well under way. Team will need immediate supplies if we find out the family has children. Team will also need volunteers to help once we have access to the family’s living quarters.

2. Making the Back of the Church More Welcoming

Steve Steiber updated that he is underway with coordinating a time to engage about 12 volunteers in a 15-minute tour of our building for feedback on the space. He is looking for additional volunteers and/or referrals. Once the focus groups have met, he will provide a report.

Curt Nilsson volunteered to join Deb Williams in this effort.

3. Accessibility Project

Bill Siegfriedt and Penelope Boardman stepped up to help Damon flesh out the plans with timelines, details, costs, etc.

4. Welcoming Team: Goody Bags and Fellowship Hour

Penny identified this team as her main focus, offering ideas for brightening up the assembly room and providing occasional giveaways such as carnations on Mother’s Day.

Molly Purse also chose this team as a priority.

5. Race Against Hate: Participate in the Walk/Run on June 19

Melissa encouraged all to participate in this event, which Damon described as an easy, inexpensive and effective way to give St. Matthew’s exposure.

6. On-Going Stewardship and Gala Responsibilities

Steve agreed to continue his efforts leading the Stewardship team

Damon explained how he and Sandi McPhee as probate lawyers have been laying the groundwork for the Quercus Society, a planned-giving donor group

Charlie’s Goals

Charlie listed his goals in the Chat:

  1. Preaching: simpler, more straightforward and shorter sermons with fewer/shorter quotations that incorporate new ways to preach (more drama)

  2. Managing Staff: Provide more and regular feedback and arrange for annual reviews

  3. Leadership: Explain what shared leadership is and begin leadership development

Rector’s Report

Charlie opted to use his time for a reflection on the opening reading. Penny reread the gospel verse, and Charlie read an excerpt on it from Daysprings by Sam Portaro, former chaplain at Brent House.

Holy Week Feedback

On behalf of the vestry, Melissa extended many thanks to everyone who participated in Holy Week. Charlie will mention that at the upcoming staff meeting and encouraged everyone to share their appreciation individually, especially to more behind-the-scenes groups such as the tech and altar guild teams.

Closing Prayer

Charlie closed the meeting with a prayer from Steven Shakespeare.

–Submitted by Ginny Voedisch

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