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Vestry Minutes: April 15, 2019

Members Present: Tim Patenode, Cynthia Doucet, Dustin Vincent, Monique Austin, Susan Cherco, Connie Conley, Kristin Jacobsen, Bob Purse, Ann Searles, Dave Turner, Allison Zidek, The Rev. Charles A. de Kay, Rector, The Rev. Kevin M. Goodman, Associate Rector, Dean of the Evanston Deanery, Jack Lerman

Tim Patenode chaired the meeting. Dave Turner acted as secretary of the meeting and recorded the minutes thereof.

Call to Order

Tim Patenode called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and appointed David Turner as secretary.


Charlie led us in prayer, Night Prayer from A New Zealand Prayer Book. This is one of Charlie’s favorite prayers for at the end of the day, often called the Compline or “goodnight prayer of the Church”

Review Minutes

Vestry meeting minutes of February 18, 2019 were approved.

Jack Lerman Presentation: Exhibition of Elise Lerman’s Art Work

Tim Patenode introduced Jack to the Vestry to discuss the upcoming Elise Lerman Art Exhibition at St. Matthews. Jack reflected on Elise’s love of St. Matthews and her devotion to the church for over 50 years. Both Jack and Elise worked within the art community of Chicago/Evanston area. In honor of Elise and in recognition of her artistic talent and as a gift to St. Matthews Jack has proposed an Art Exhibition of Elise’s art works to be held at St. Matthews on June 21st -23rd. One half of all sales from this exhibition will be donated to St. Matthews. Jack illustrated several of Elise’s oil paintings and pen & ink drawings. The Vestry reviewed steps to assist in the logistics, staging of the paintings and the marketing promotion. The Vestry expressed their overwhelming support, gratitude and appreciation for their selection of St. Matthews for the Art Exhibition of Elise Lerman. Tim Patenode expressed heartfelt thanks for Jack’s generosity.

Damian Barta’s Farewell

Damian Barta will be moving to Wisconsin in May and will be finishing his work at St. Matthews. Kristin stated that during Damian’s tenure he has been an invaluable resource to many within the church including various committees, especially Buildings and Grounds and the Alter Guild. Kristin led the discussion on ways to recognize Damian Barta’s great work and commitment to St. Matthew’s. It was decided to publicly thank Damian on April 28, 2019 at the 9am coffee hour and at the 10:30am church service. The Vestry expressed its gratitude for Damian’s service to St. Matthews and enthusiastically supported the public recognition at that time.

Vestry Retreat/School

Charlie asked for reflections on the Vestry retreat. He mentioned one major theme, and an area for us to build on St. Matthews - to understand how we can elicit the passions of individuals. He suggested the need for relational meetings to understand a person’s desires to spiritually be fed. The Vestry participants of the Vestry School had a positive experience, recognizing that a lot of information was presented on available resources. Kristin prepared very detailed notes on the School and she offered share with the Vestry and will forward to Tim for distribution to the Vestry.

eport on Capital Campaign Kick Off Meeting

Tim reported that he, Cynthia Doucet, Sandi McPhee, Don Churchill and Mary Clark attended the Capital Campaign Kickoff meeting. Tim reported the Diocese is prepared to offer St. Matthews a consultant on this topic as well as the subject of funding an endowment, trust fund issues and stewardship. There are three parts to the process: 1) Discernment 2) Feasibility and 3) Actual Campaigning. It is understood that the first step is free to St. Matthews which would involve approximately 2-3 days consulting. For the remainder of the process, St. Matthews would be committed to pay the consultant 10% of the collections. The discernment step would not begin until Oct. 2019. The consultant would initially train individuals as facilitators which would then be followed by cottage meetings, facilitators engaging in conversations on where the mission of St. Matthews lies. The collective thoughts of these meetings would then be presented to the congregation. Tim noted that the discernment step could take 3 months – 2 years. It was pointed out that this relates nicely to the Vestry’s current assignment, reading Canoeing the Mountains. Also, it was noted that we could readdress how the 4 episcopal churches in the Evanston area could fit together, and Charlie gave a brief history of the last attempt. There are three consultants that provide this service and Tim recommended Leslie Pendelton. There being no further discussion, upon motion duly made and seconded, the Vestry unanimously approved the following resolution:

RESOLVED, that St. Matthews will initiate the first step of the process (Discernment) and the Vestry further instructs Tim Patenode to enter into a signed agreement with the consultant

Episcopal Migration Ministry

Cynthia Doucet presented that on May 17th and 18th, St. Matthews will partner with St. Andrews Pentecost to invite leaders from Episcopal Migration Ministries to update the community on immigration and refugee issues. She encouraged the members of the Vestry to attend and share this invitation with others.

Ballet School Tile Floor

Kevin Goodman reported the tile floor of the ballet room was wearing and needed to be replaced. It was decided further investigation was needed to assess the condition and the associated cost. Tim will meet with Damian for further information and possible next steps.

Sabbatical/Beach Church/Gala Dates

Charlie updated the Vestry that he will be taking his 2nd Sabbatical from June 24 to August 11, 2019. Beach Church will begin June 23rd and will continue through Labor Day Weekend, aligning with the school calendar. The Gala is scheduled for October 5, 2019 and will again be at the Wilmette Harbor Club. Tim mentioned we still need a Chair for this event.

Financial Update

Dustin provided the financial update of St. Matthews valued as of Mar. 31, 2019. He noted that after the 1st qtr. our net ordinary income was - $7,060.71 (which was $19,609.29 over budget). Also, Dustin pointed out we generated interest/income of $44,283.55 resulting in net income for the period of $35,988.62.


Tim asked for volunteers for Chairing the Gala and Stewardship committees. We will revisit next vestry meeting.

Tim also asked for a volunteer to organize the Mutual Ministry Review. Susan Cherco volunteered for this position.

Associate Rector’s Report

Kevin reported on the status of this year’s Vacation Bible Camp. Title will be “Who is my neighbor?” It will be held at St. Matthews from August 5th – 9th , 9am – noon. At the moment, there are 12 volunteers and more would be welcomed.

Kevin also reported on replacing Damian and the need for a Buildings & Ground Committee.

With regard to the upcoming Race Against Hate, Kevin asked for volunteers to be positioned at the tent.

Kevin presented illustrations of the Stations of the Cross which will be part of the Good Friday Service at noon.

Rectors Report

Charlie reaffirmed the Vestry’s need to read Canoeing Mountains. We will use this book to kick start our Campaigns. It will help us navigate the changing landscape as we prepare for St. Matthews next chapter.

Also, on June 6th St. Matthews Book Group will meet at the home of Judy and Tim Patenode to discuss CRAZY: A FATHER’S SEARCH THROUGH AMERICA’S MENTAL HEALTH MADNESS. Damian Doucet will facilitate the discussion.

Other Business

There was no other business presented to the Vestry.

Executive Session

The Vestry adjourned into private session.


There being no further business brought before the Vestry, the meeting was adjourned.

David Turner, Acting Secretary

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