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Thanksgiving....the day before

On Wednesday, November 21st, a Great Lakes Waterproofing crew came to St Matthews to do follow up on work they did a few years before to stop water penetration of the foundation. But their initial work work did not stop water from leaking into the men's basement bathroom.

So as part of their guarantee, they returned and put another clay application by the outside wall by the men's bathroom/choir robe room.

Tyler is using a metal rod to open up the holes they previously drilled into the concrete

There were five holes in the concrete drilled out previously, and they were re-opened on Wednesday. A clay like material is forced into the holes through a pipe. First the material is mixed, then it is put into a pan and pumped into the holes.

The hose from the pump pan is attached to the pipe which was used to open up the holes. The pump forces the material into the holes, and they push the pipe deep into the ground.

(next picture)

Pipe pushed into ground in front of window-area of water penetration through the foundation.

Five patched holes after they were completed.

We will be monitoring the wall in that basement men's bathroom to see if this added treatment stops the water from penetrating the foundation.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends!

A Thanksgiving thought that a classmate from highschool sent me.

Damian Barta

Facilities Manager

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