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Restoration work on the Second Floor nearing completion.

Most of the rooms on the 2nd floor that suffered from water damage have been repaired. One of the rooms that suffered the most damage, Room 10, which is just north of the south stairway, is nearing completion. The walls and soffit had been repaired, but the ceiling, which had all the ceiling tile removed, needed to be repaired. All that remained was the old plaster and round remnants of the glue that had held the old ceiling tile on.

The problem was that the ceiling was too low for a traditional dropped ceiling. We needed to have a ceiling at or above eight feet high. The solution was a CeilingMax grid system which required chipping off some of the glue remnants to allow for the placement of 1x4 nailers and then securing the grid to the nailers, and placing the new ceiling tiles in the grid.

I have attached pictures of the stages of this work:

1) Painting the ceiling

2) Installing the nailers

3) Installation of the grid and ceiling tiles.

1x4 nailers installed on painted ceiling in Room 10

Gridwork attached to 1x4 nailers and ceiling tile installed in grid

Completed ceiling in room 10

All that is needed to complete the room is installation of the new LED light fixtures, carpeting and new blinds.

submitted by Damian Barta, Facilities Manager

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