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Canoeing the Mountains:
Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory 
by Tod Bolsinger

On March 9th of this year, after laying out the statistical realities of church vitality across the Episcopal Church in our current moment, Bishop Lee introduced a group of church leaders – lay and ordained – to the book, Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory. It was an electrifying presentation that mixed urgency and a call to action with reservoirs of hope and opportunity. Here he offers both a healthy dose of reality and guidance for spiritual and physical transformation for faith communities to live out the Gospel in a changing world. Bishop Lee urged the churches to read the book and begin processes of adaptive change to step forward to meet the future faithfully.


St. Matthew’s has weathered many challenges in the past. As a community today, we host an abundance of gifts of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, hospitality, and a passion for our church that any community would be proud to claim. We have everything we need to meet the future with joyful expectation. We will need to corral our strengths, and each of us will be asked to harness our capacity to imagine a vibrant response to meet the hopes and hurts of the world outside our doors. If there ever was a community so primed to lead the way, St. Matthew’s is surely one.

The book is widely available (if you purchase a copy, please buy the Expanded Edition with the Study Guide), and there are a limited number of copies on the shelf in the library in the Gallery for month-long loans.

Thank you,

The Wardens and Clergy of St. Matthew's


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St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

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